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[The Basics]
Name: Jamie Lee
Nickname(s): Jam, Jabe,Shrimp
Birthday/Age: october 12th 1989 / / 14
Location: seymour, connecticut

[Stuff I like!]
Music: i have really weird taste so go ahead and laugh now. no doubt(!!), garbage, the ataris, siouxsie and the banshees, the clash, kansas, journey, afi, brand new, vendetta red, ettison clio, from autumn to ashes, taking back sunday,straylight run, thursday,x-ray spex, liam lynch, rooney, weezer, less than jake, madness,relient k, moneen, saves the day, cheap trick,blondie,john mellencamp

Movies: mommie dearest, pirates of the carribbean, zoolander, riding in cars with boys, ever after, the breakfast club, 16 candles, the professional,rosemary's baby,flowers in the attic,children of the corn,batteries not included, white oleander,grease,uncle buck, edward scissorhands,brink

Books: nothing feels good, speak, cut, you remind me of you,the perks of being a wallflower, sarah plain and tall,tears of a tiger,

Colors: red, black, blue, white

The Real Deal
How do you feel about groupies [people who follow bands, not necessarily who sleep with them...]? on one hand its like wow you have that much time on your hands? but on the other hand it shows that youre a really dedicated fan.

What does music mean to you? everything. everywhere i go i need to bring my cd player or have the radio on. if i didnt have music to turn to i probably wouldnt be here. a few years ago i went through a really bad time when this one girl turned all my friends on me and i had nobody. on top of that her and this kid used to make fun of me all day every day. i had nothing to turn to besides my music. it comes before everything in my life.

Pick a lyric and tell us why. "you never turn to me, i guess its not me you need"
its from a song my friend wrote and its really beautiful. also sad.

Name the soundtrack to your life, at least 7 tracks but no more than 13 [differnt artists] and tell us a small reason for each.
1) "no doubt - thats just me." it has a great message
2) "the red hot chili peppers- under the bridge." one of my very first memories is listening to this song at my uncles when i was like......2 or 3
3) "the ataris-in this diary" it makes me think of summer and being really happy and of my trip to philly last year
4) "moby-inside" there arent any words and it clears my mind.
5)"thursday-asleep in the chapel" whenever i hear this song its more than hearing. i sing and i get this feeling....i cant explain it.
6)"less than jake-history of a boring town" my town is probably the most boring of all
7)"garbage-stupid girl" i know pllleeeennnttty of stupid girls.

Name an embarrassing part of your CD collection. every now cd except 2,13 & 14
i guess im a whore for mainstream compilations.

Why should you be a BandNamer? i think i have a certain way with words. ive also thought alot about band names. i dunno why.

Optional Picture: jamie
thats actually a bracelet in my hair. not an elastic.
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