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Band Namer Application

[The Basics]
Name: Erin
Nickname(s): Earna, Tundra Girl
Birthday/Age: June 20 1987/ I'm sixteen
Location: Ontario, Canada

[Stuff I like!]
Music: incubus, Brand New, Coheed & Cambria, Story Of The Year, Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional, Cursive, Alkaline Trio, Storybook Ending + lots more!

Movies: Insomnia, City By The Sea, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, S.W.A.T, How To Deal, Slap Her She's French

Books: A Million Little Pieces, Journals, Love And Other Four Letter Words, Gossip Girl Series, Summer Sisters, Born Confused.

Colors: Pink, pale green, black, white, orange

The Real Deal
How do you feel about groupies [people who follow bands, not necessarily who sleep with them...]? It all depends on how they act. If they are crazy and annoying then I don't care for them but if they are with the bands because they love and appreciate the music then I am all for them. (:

What does music mean to you? Music means the world to me. It's like oxygen, without it I would die. There are so many bands out there today who mean so much to me and to so many people and I am just truely thankful for them.

Pick a lyric and tell us why. Don't let the world bring you down, not everyone here is that fucked up and cold.
I chose this because this lyric means so much. It's telling you to not let go when you think everyone is against you, to just hold on and it's going to get so much better. There are always going to be bad people in your life but you need to look to the better ones to make you feel infinite.

Name the soundtrack to your life, at least 7 tracks but no more than 13 [differnt artists] and tell us a small reason for each.
1.The Warmth- incubus (see previous answer)
2.Make Yourself- incubus (This song is very deep and it's telling you not to let the world make you, but you to make yourself.
3.Am I Missing- Dashboard Confessional (This song just always seems to cheer me up)
4. Bandages- Hot Hot Heat (Has a good dance vibe and makes me happy and giddy (: )
5. Until The Day I Die- SOTY
6. Boom- System of a Down ( I hate war. I hate it so much and this song is about Bush and how he is really the terrorist)
7. Seventy Times Seven- Brand New( I saw them perform it live and it just really got to me and I saw it in a way I hadn't before.)
8. Play Crack The Sky- Brand New (Just a really amazing song)

Name an embarrassing part of your CD collection.
Avril Lavigne...ugh.

Why should you be a BandNamer?
Because I think I am creative when it comes to making names, ideas and stories. I just really love music and being a part of this community would allow me to help out with the process in some way (:

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