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name my band

1. Genre of music your band plays?
2. Number of members in your band?
3. What instruments are in yuour band?
drums, bass, and two guitars
4. Name 5 of your bands songs.
we've mainly done covers so far, we're a newly formed band. but we have a couple songs - loser and look what i can do
5. How long have you been a band?
few months
6. Has your band gone by any name so far? What name/s has it gone by?
no. we've only started to think of names, but none of them seemed fitting. if you want to know, some were bleeding pink, abnormal dyslexic
7. What are the members names of your band?
Lauren - drums. Jayna, or Ellie(from her middle name - Elizabeth) - guitar. Shana - guitar. Me, Kady - bass
8. Where is your band located?
minneapolis, minnesota
9. What kind of venues does your band play?
we havent played any shows outside of our garage yet, but the places we would play at are a couple of live music, teen centers near us.
10. Describe your band members?
Me - medium height. a.d.d.(not really but thats how crazy i act). loud. likes silly things. pink. paul and billy from good charlotte and brody from the distillers.
Lauren - desuehttraehialmost just like me. tall. likes chris from good charlotte, just about every music scene, skateboarding, dancing. is brave even though she says she's shy.
Shana - likes to joke. plays guitar left handed even though shes right handed. likes silly things also.
Jayna - insane. doesnt let guys come near her; says "if a guy says that he likes my shirt, i flick him off and kick him in the balls" used to have 3 rats. has like 98479589032 cats. literally insane.
we're all really messed up i guess. lol.
11. How old are the members of your band?
all 14
12. Who are you in the band?
13. Why do you trust us to name your band?
sometimes other people can think of things that you cant. or realize things about us that we dont.

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