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[The Basics]
Name: caitlin.
Nickname(s): someone calls me something different every day.
Birthday/Age: december 17th, 16
Location: detroit.

[Stuff I like!]
Music: jets to brazil, jawbreaker, the ataris, sonic youth, the smiths, tupac, NWA, skeptix, subhumans, the specials, frank zappa, the bouncing souls, frank sinatra, at the drive in... i like everything. seriously.

Movies: the godfather, scarface, dog day afternoon, wet hot american summer, tupac:ressurection. documentaries.

Books: the town and the city; jack kerouac. we the living; ayn rand. 1984, animal farm; george orwell. the godfather; mario puzo. the shining; stephen king.

Colors: green is my favourite, but i like every colour.

The Real Deal
How do you feel about groupies [people who follow bands, not necessarily who sleep with them...]? if you follow a band because you are genuinely interested in their music and you dont take it to stalker proportions, i think its a very flattering thing.

What does music mean to you? pretty much everything. i write my own and i constantly am listening to it. i like to visualize images by hearing songs and analyze the songs and such. i get very into my music.

Pick a lyric and tell us why.
"Skin looks good on paper to a million hungry eyes.
They just want the wrapping.
They throw away the prize.
Show her body.
Fuck her mind.
Fuck her body."
--jawbreaker, softcore.

i guess i picked it because it shows the insensitivities of modern society. its trying to say that everyone is completely judgmental and judges you by looks. they pay no attention to the real things inside of you.

Name the soundtrack to your life, at least 7 tracks but no more than 13 [different artists] and tell us a small reason for each.
xjawbreaker; imaginary war. i like this song because it basically sums up a lot of my life-ethic in a few verses. dont do anything youre not prepared for.
xjets to brazil; perfecting loneliness. im lonely a lot, so it works.
xthe ataris; fast times at dropout high. its very nostalgic for me.
xsocial distortion; story of my life. i hate school, and the only thing that keeps me going are the shows i go to.
xphantom planet; california. my best friend and i are going to college together in california. were also gonna go there for spring break. its one of our biggest dreams which is finally gonna come true.
xtupac; dear mama. i love my mom, shes a big part of my life.
xoperation ivy; warning. i think a lot more people need to become politically aware or at least fucking aware of something. so many people walk through life blind.
xjawbreaekr; save your generation. same reason as above.

Name an embarrassing part of your CD collection. jewel...old jewel, but uh...

Why should you be a BandNamer? because i like a lot of music, im left handed, i like hugs, and i know what im doing.

pictures in my user-info if you care enough :)
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