Kissy (headxoverxfeet) wrote in name_your_band,


1. Genre of music your band plays? alternative rockish
2. Number of members in your band? two
3. What instruments are in yuour band? guitar
4. Name 5 of your bands songs.
*My Mistake
*Affecting Me
(we have over like 50 songs)

5. How long have you been a band? this is our like 5th month
6. Has your abnd gone by any name so far? What name/s has it gone by? 'Simply Pure'
7. What are the members names of your band? Christina (aka Kissy) Victoria (aka Tori)
8. Where is your band located? charlotte north carolina (but we are both originally northern girls)
9. What kind of venues does your band play? we are just recording a cd
10. Describe your band members? well we are both really nice//funny(even with our dirrty jokes)//my mum was joking but she thinks the name 'simply pure' is rather ironic about the two of us//etc etc.
11. How old are the members of your band? 16
12. Who are you in the band? i'm 1/2 of the vocals and i write all the songs
13. Why do you trust us to name your band? because i'm just curious to see what you guys give out as a name and you guys seem like you have some great ideas..
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