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BandNamer Wannabe

[The Basics]
Name: Alex
Nickname(s): Your Mom lol. Um, Lex, Sexi Lexi is my hooker name, no I'm just joking
Birthday/Age: August 7th; 17
Location: NY

[Stuff I like!]
Music: OAR, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, a little country.

Movies: Armageddon, Almost Famous, Barber Shop, Old School.

Books: Bastard out of Carolina; Memaid Singing.

Colors: Green, blue, red, yes.

The Real Deal
How do you feel about groupies [people who follow bands, not necessarily who sleep with them...]? If thats what you love then I guess fine. It just not really my thing.

What does music mean to you? Its an outlet for my emotions. I think it really says alot about who you are.

Pick a lyric and tell us why.
"It was a crazy game of poker and I lost it all." I think it could be related to life. One instance could just ruin your life, make it all fall apart. Its not really what its tlaking about but I just always saw that when I heard it.

Name the soundtrack to your life, at least 7 tracks but no more than 13 [differnt artists] and tell us a small reason for each.

1. Dave Matthews Band- Grey Street
2. Ben Harper- Sexual Healing
3. OAR- Crazy Game of Poker
4. Toby Keith- Should've been a Cowboy
5. Martina McBride- Broken Wing
6. Dashboard Confessional- Worthless
7. Something Corporate- Drunk Girl

Name an embarrassing part of your CD collection. I don't know, all my music is SO diverse...

Why should you be a BandNamer? Becasue I'm creative and I like all types of music.
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