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[The Basics]
Name: Kayleigh PETES
Nickname(s): PETES
Birthday/Age: 12/29/88 15yrs & holding.
Location: NEPA.

[Stuff I like!]
Music: my favorites are Taking Back Sunday, the Hives, Matchbook Romance, Something Coroporate, The Starting Line, Senses Fail, Greenday, the Ramones, Finch, Moneen, Yellowcard, Bright Eyes, & the Faint.

Movies: The Royal Tenenbaums, Hannibal, Rock & Roll Highschool, Mystic River, & National Lampoon's Van Wilder.

Books: Mystic River, Hannibal, Walden, Gingerbread, the Cask of Amontillado, & AP & Bass magazine.

Colors: black, red, & purple.

The Real Deal
How do you feel about groupies [people who follow bands, not necessarily who sleep with them...]? if you follow a band cuz you love them, i guess it would be kinda cool. but it seems like sleeping with a band member because you idolize/worship/stalk them is...um intresting.

What does music mean to you? it's like an escape almost. it's this surreal little perfection that makes me feel good about myself. when i write some songs or play my bass, i feel as if i'm having an out of body experience. it's also good when i listen to music & i can almost feel myself going into that song, living it.

Pick a lyric and tell us why. "...all i need to know is that i'm something you'll be missing..." i know this is probably used alot, but i love it because more than anything, i wanna be missed by someone, if you catch my drift.

Name the soundtrack to your life, at least 7 tracks but no more than 13 [differnt artists] and tell us a small reason for each.
1. Taking Back Sunday- "You're So Last Summer" - this song is my favorite song ever. when i first heard it, the word "wow' came to mind, it was that good
2. The Faint- "Worked Up So Sexual" - is it good to get these men worked up so sexual?
3. The Starting Line- "A Goodnight's Sleep" - this song made me think about one night stands. hot eh?
4. Senses Fail- "The Ground Folds (Acoustic)" - i LOVE this song. to me it feels so beautiful.
5. Matchbook Romance- "Stay Tonight" - this song reminds me of how i'd like my romance to be.
6. Something Corporate- "Punk Rock Princess" - i'd like a garage band king. yes i would.
7. The Ramones- "Do You Wanna Dance?" - this song is just cool.
8. Moneen- "Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?" - if you haven't listened to Moneen, i think you should. & it's so true, are you happy?
9. Finch- "Three Simple Words" - cuz i say, who is gonna stop you? besides yourself.
10. Greenday- "Longview" - the bass part really has me on this one.
11. Yellowcard- "Finish Line" - i just liked the way it sounded. no real explanation with this one.
12. Bright Eyes- "Let's Not Shit Ourselves" - i love this song also. Connor has a beautiful voice & i love the overall feel of the song.
13. Elvis Presley- "Can't Help Falling In Love" - hey, it wouldn't be a life album if it didn't have some Elvis. i've liked him sence i was young. ha.

Name an embarrassing part of your CD collection. DREAMSTREET. i'm not embarrassed by it, it was a part of me at the time.

Why should you be a BandNamer? i like to stay open with my opinions on music, but if i don't find a part of it i like, i probably will hate it. i've also been told my names for bands are good, so i suppose that's a plus.

Optional Picture: :o) <-- me. i have no digital camera or saved pictures at the present time.
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