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...Home of the official BandNamer's

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Welcome to name_your_band. This community is especially unique because its a one of a kind community that derived from the twisted brain of ana_logical. Theres two things you can do here:

1: Name your Band

-Basically you answer a few questions about your abnd that are listed below and we can name your band something cool and unique. Though I can't promis you'll love it. In fact it might suck. But I can promise whether its completely hard core or sucks yo' mams ass it will be amusing :)

-You can also have an "imaginary abnd" named. What do I mean by this? You wish you had a band, wish you could play. Maybe its your dream? But your too dumb special to name it yourself so we can do it for you. Just don't tell us that its a make believe band becasue we might not try as hard by accident!

-The band survey is listed below so go!

2:Become an official BandNamer(TM) lol.

-FIll out our application and become an official BandNamer so you can name all of the bands that come here.

-Who wouldn't want to be a BandNamer?

So Rules time:

Bands Applying:

-Be respectful of the BandNamers. We will give you more than one choice obviously. If you want you can tell us which one you picked, but if you hate it lets not hurt anyones feelings. We are providing a service not walking the cat walk, okay?

-Please be curtious, in requests and comments. Or, I can promise you will be banned.

Applying BandNamers:

-Do not name a band until you are accepted, or you will be banned infinitly.

-Do not post anything besides your application unless you are posting a name request or it will be ignored and you will be banned.

-If someone refueses you, do not comment unappropriately, or you will be banned.

-As you have read youi can be banned for lots of things. So please follow the rules, please?

-You will be voted on for 48 hrs no more no less.

Accepted BandNamers:
-When we have a user stamp you must put it in your user info. For now, while the community is just growing once you are accepted put a link in your user info. There will be monthly "quizzes" to make sure this rule is being followed and if it is not you will guess what? Be on probation for 3 days for you to put it in your user info, and then guess what? You'll be banned.

-Name all bands as best you can. Please don't be a smart ass. Go to smartass for that.

-Vote a "yes" or a "no" and a comment please be nice. 3 strikes and your out.

-If you post an entry please write "Accepted BandNamer" in the subject line.

-You must read the whole application before voting. Unless it is extremely boring and makes you fall asleep. *Snore*

-Give a reason for your yes or no, it makes things interesting, unless your answer is obvious

-Please don't give pity votes your not helping anybody

-If you get a new journal or an additional one let us know so that we can add you to the accepted list.

-Respect eachothers opinions. Yes, drama is fun but we don't want to have to bring in the medical units if you know what I mean.

-Once you are stamped you mst be active and vote on almost all applicants and name all bands.

-Wait to be stamped before you post or vote.

-Have fun and please advertise us to your friends.

ana_logical and g0rgeous are the Queens of the name_your_band community. In other words. We're the Mod's nice to meet you.

Want your Band to be named?
[Fill out this survey and post it with "Name my band" in the subject line]
*It must be in a LJ-Cut! Or you don't get named!

1. Genre of music your band plays?
2. Number of members in your band?
3. What instruments are in yuour band?
4. Name 5 of your bands songs.
5. How long have you been a band?
6. Has your abnd gone by any name so far? What name/s has it gone by?
7. What are the members names of your band?
8. Where is your band located?
9. What kind of venues does your band play?
10. Describe your band members?
11. How old are the members of your band?
12. Who are you in the band?
13. Why do you trust us to name your band?

Want to become an official BandNamer?
[Fill out this application and post it with "BandNamer wannabe" in the subject line]
*It must be in a LJ-Cut or you dont get voted!

[The Basics]

[Stuff I like!]




The Real Deal
How do you feel about groupies [people who follow bands, not necessarily who sleep with them...]?

What does music mean to you?

Pick a lyric and tell us why.

Name the soundtrack to your life, at least 7 tracks but no more than 13 [differnt artists] and tell us a small reason for each.

Name an embarrassing part of your CD collection.

Why should you be a BandNamer?

Optional Picture:

Accepted Stamps:


Accepted BandNamers:
[Bad username: strangemelodies"]

Rejected BandNamers:

Band Names that have been taken:
Yesterdays Dream

*Stamps and LJ Layout/Icon to come! We're just starting excuse our appearence!</b>

We are the same people that run the wonderful bitchen_mofos community. Its a non-conformist "Are you cool?" community. Come apply!